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  I am a life long illustrator who lives to be the hands on creative type. I use odds and ends of old cloth, scrap papers, product packaging, magazine pages, fabric bits, newspaper clippings, cardboard pieces and other materials. They all form the bases of my mixed-media collages. I use the rich textures, graphic patterns and bold colours found within the material like a painter with tubes of colourful paint. You could then say my scissors and glue are like my brush as I “paint” a tactile and textural collage.
  I am able to juxtapose the unexpected colors, textures and patterns in ways that form new complex pictures that always engage a viewer.
  When people see my work, the first question they seem to ask is, "How did I created a particular image or texture?" When I explain how, they usually seem to be pleasantly surprised.

About Nicholas Brancati